"To us Talent Development isn't just something we talk about or an industry buzzword, it's what we do".

How does it work?


Like we said, talent development isn't just something we talk about or an industry buzzword, it is exactly what we do. 

Whether your team is sales, customer service or something different, give them to us and through training, coaching and years of hands on experience and we'll help you make them into something special.

As a business owner, leader or Manager, you know that the better your staff and teams can do their job, the better they perform and the more motivated they are, the easier your life becomes...and the better the bottom line.

That's where we come in. Between us we have over 40 years experience in getting the best from people. 

We take what you might call a 'pick and mix' approach to what we deliver for you. Let me expand...

There is a multitude of training content, coaching and performance improvement sessions and workshops that we can offer you. But we don't like 'off the shelf'. What we do is talk to you about what you want to achieve and then you decide which bits you want to utilise, so between us we create a 'made for you' program or session that fits the purpose you want it for.

A taste of what we can do.


Customer Service Teams - Empower your people to become true frontline brand ambassadors

Your customer service team needs to deliver outstanding service on each and every interaction with your customers. We give them the knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to embody your brand to the greatest effect.

Your staff have the power to make or break your reputation every time they speak to a customer, why not give them the tools they need to maximise their impact.

Sales Teams -  Enhance the skills, behaviours and performance of your sales teams 

Direct sales can be one of the most efficient and cost effective methods of generating new business - but only if it's done properly.

We know exactly what it takes to convert leads into results and the experience to teach the essential skills for building positive and long term relationships. Afterall, people really do buy people!

Leaders - Develop your Team Leaders and Managers to become the driving force of your success.

The very best leaders create a culture of engagement and inspire their teams to deliver a consistently positive customer experience.

So whatever the level of experience your managers have, we can help with fresh ideas and techniques to develop their leadership capability.

Keeping it going - Build on existing effectiveness to guarantee long term success and ROI

The above is all well and good, but you have to think about how you are going to maintain it and get the best return on your investment.

Ongoing training and coaching is vital to the long term success of you and your company and we can help you develop and embed an effective long term strategy.

Why you should use us


Talent Development has a wealth of expertise to call on and it's lead from the front by Stuart Pearce.

Stuart has a huge range of experience in the training and coaching environment having trained large blue chips and start ups alike. He has delivered training to sales and customer service teams across the globe.

He is also the author of 'The Performance Improvement Matrix',  'The Telesales Handbook' and 'Life on the Phone'. 

He was also voted 7th in the global Best Respected in the Call Centre Awards and is regularly asked to write and speak on the topic.

Associate Partner, Emma Broughan is a highly experienced and sought after performance and vocal coach, a skill she regularly uses in training sessions. 

She has previously built successful global sales teams and knows exactly how to get them performing at their best.

They are joined by Associate Partner Paris Troy. Paris has spent 25 years as a radio presenter and has the uncanny ability to connect with people immediately (largely so they don't say anything untoward live on air!) He also hosts events and is a qualified fitness instructor.

What this means for you is that because we have been where you are, we have done the early mornings and the late nights, we know what it takes to make it work.

We know how to get the best out of your teams, we know what skills they need and how to show them how to use them - and to keep them motivated.

We also run regular workshops, so keep an eye out for the next one.

Training, Coaching and Performance Improvement works, if you do it properly and you do it regularly.

Remember, talent development isn't just an industry buzzword to us, it's what we do.


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